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Banda Aceh is a capital of Aceh and also the main gateway to the province . The Governor's Residence, was built by Dutch in 1880 on the spot where the palace of sultan once stood. The building is known is one of the historical sites with a unique architecture and completed with traditional house equipment. This place is of course restricted area and entering must be with a kind of permission from the security guard.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

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It is one of the most outstanding landmarks in the capital city. The old mosque that stood there before it was burnt at the beginning of the Aceh War, was rebuilt in 1875, taking its present shape after a number of renovations and expansions.

Gunongan and Pinto Khop

Gunongan and Pinto Khop which are located at a few steps from the Pendopo are also charms of the city . Gunongan was erected around the 16th century during the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda.

The Syiah Kuala Grove

It is another visitor's object. Teungku Syiah Kuala was one of Aceh's Great Moslem Ulamas of the past. His grave stands near the mouth of Krueng Aceh River about 2 kilometers from the city, visited by local visitors and other parts of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Indra Patra Fortress

This old fort was build during the time of Iskandar Muda. It probably functioned as a defence against invader's attack

Museum Cut Nyak Dien

It is historical object. The house is a replica of the heroine Cut Nyak Dien, from the Aceh War. The house was burn down by the Dutch but replica was build later, after Indonesia's Independence. This house in Lam Pisang about 6 kilometers from Banda Aceh, is now a museum.

Museum Negeri

It is another charm of the city. The museum is filled with antiques. Among the exhibits is a big clock, a gift from the Emperor of the China and brought to Aceh by the formed Admiral Cheng Ho in 1414.


The most popular beaches are Gapang beach and Ibah beach in Sabang, Kuala Dou beach in west Aceh and the others most popular beaches uncrowded Banda Aceh are Ujung Batee beach, Lumpu'uk beach and Lho'nga beach. It's located 16 kilometres from Banda Aceh. All the beaches have clean waters and white sands. Sunset are quite impressive at the all beaches.

Sea Gardens

Sea Gardens are located off short from Banda Aceh at about 45 minutes by speed oat. Some can be enjoyed around Rubiah island in Sabang and the others are around Beras islands, Aceh island and other small islands them. Sea gigantic clams, angel fish, lion fish and much more.

Around Takengon and the Lke

Takengon is a town locates at the central area of Aceh. It is being promoted as a tourist resort since its temperature is about 20 C (68 F), cool enaugh for a holiday resort. The main feature of the town is Laut Tawar Lake. The scenery is loved and the lake can be used for water sport, such as ski. We can tour around the lake by motor boat or other water trasportation. Thre are caves around the lake slopes of the mountain and the mountain itself is suitable for climbing. A number of hotels are being built to encourage a rapidy incriasing tourist trade. The others object around Takengon are warm water pool at simpang Balik, Layang Koro and Layang Pukes caves by the side of Laut Tawar lake.

Around Lhokseumawe and The Former Kingdom of Samudera Pasai

Lhokseumawe is a town located 274 km from Banda Aceh which is now being developed as an industrial zone of Aceh. Many gigantic plants are constructed following the discovery of huge LNG resources in the area. Touristic features of the town is The Samudera Pasai. It was the first great Islamic kingdom of Indonesia.
All that remains of it, however, is a graveyard 18 km east of the town. The historical indication of this can be seen at the grave of Malikul Saleh, the first ruler of the kingdom and from the royal graves, including that a queen named Nahrisyah and graves of other members of the royal families of Samudera Pasai. The kingdom produced its own gold coins which still can be round in the surrounding areas. Other object for visitors are Blang Kolam Falls and Ujung Blang beach.

The National Park

The National Park of Gunung Leuser is probably the wildest in Indonesia, located in Southeast Aceh that can be reached either Kutacane, or Tekangan. The magnificent national park has a wealth of flora and fauna. The park also has research facilities for the study of primates, birds, insect, and other animals. Basic accomodation facilities are available at Katambe. The rapids-infested Krueng alas river inside the park is popular with rafters.

Laut Tawar Lake

Rafting in Aceh
Laut Tawar Lake is located in Aceh Tengah. Takenagn, the capital of the region, lies on the west side of this lake, 1,120 meters above sea level, with an everage temperature of 20 C. The town is quit cool and is growing holiday resort. The scenery is lovely and the lake can be used water sports, such as ski. We can tour around the lake by motor boat or other water transportation. There are caves around the lake slope the mountain and the mountain itself is suitable for climbing. Anmber of hotels are being built to encurage a rapidly increasing.

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